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Refer to figure or CAP 697 Figure for Pressure Altitude 37000 ft.
What will be the approximate change in air distance available from 1000 kg of fuel for the following situation if the tailwind component increases from 45 kt to 65 kt?

Aircraft mass at start of cruise leg: 50000 kg
Cruise level: FL370
Cruise speed: Mach 0.74
Forecast OAT at FL370: ISA

  • A
    A decrease of 20 NAM.
  • B
    An increase of 9 NAM.
  • C
    An increase of 20 NAM.
  • D
    0 NAM.
As in the schedule, fuel consumption is per nautical Air Mile.
Tail wind change affect the ground speed not the TAS.
No need for any calculation, difference in Nautical miles = 0 NAM.

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