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Refer to ALICANTE charts 10-3C, 10-3E from the Jeppesen GSPRM 2017.
An aircraft is departing from Alicante (LEAL) towards the north-east. The aircraft is fully P-RNAV equipped and operational. What is a suitable SID if departing from Runway 10?
  • A
    MITOS 1C
  • B
    MITOS 2A
  • C
    SOPET 1F
  • D
    SOPET 1G
Refer to Figure.
Read the question carefully - it is asking for a potential SID for a RWY 10 departure.
You can find relevant information on SID at the routing part as shown in the figure.
  • MITOS 1C and SOPET 1F refer to RWY 28.
  • MITOS 2A is the only SID listed as a possible answer that departs from RWY 10 for RNAV equipped aircraft.
Note: SOPET 1G for RWY 10 is for non-RNAV equipped aircraft.

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