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On a Lambert conformal conic chart the convergence of the meridians..
  • A
    equals earth convergency at the standard parallels.
  • B
    is zero throughout the chart.
  • C
    is the same as earth convergency at the parallel of origin.
  • D
    varies as the secant of the latitude.

The scale on a Lambert chart is correct at the two standard parallels, because the standard parallels are the same on the globe as on the cone. The scale then decreases (contracts) between the standard parallels, reaching the minimum value at the parallel of the origin, and increases (expands) outside the parallels.

The longitudes on the globe are projected into Euclidean straight lines on the cone. At the parallel of origin, Earth convergency is equal to chart convergency: The angle of two given longitudes on the Earth-globe is the same here as that of the two projections of longitude on the cone.

Note: Same scale = Standard Parallels
Same convergency = Parallel of Origin

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