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What does levels curve on a hypsometric chart refer to?
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    Magnetic variation.
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Refer to figure.

Layer Tinting (also called hypsometric tint) is a method of showing relief of maps and charts by colouring different levels in different shades. A different colour is used for ground in different elevation bands. The basic shades are those of brown. The darker the shade, the higher is the height above sea level. The altitudes represented by each tint are indicated on the maps and charts.

For example, land between mean sea level and 250 feet may be coloured white, between 250 feet and 500 feet light yellow, and so on. A key to colour code is given in the margin of the map.

ICAO Annex 4

Hypsometric tints. A succession of shades or colour gradations used to depict ranges of elevation.

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