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Refer to figure.
Hobart International Airport is located in the Standard Time (ST) zone of Tasmania, which is UTC + 10 hours. What is the standard time (ST) of SUNSET at Hobart International Airport, Australia (S42°50', E147°31') on the 11th October 2017?
  • A
    18:29 ST
  • B
    18:19 ST
  • C
    18:23 ST
  • D
    18:33 ST

Refer to figure.
Hobart International airport is located at 42°50’S.
The end of the sunset can be taken from the provided table: 1819 LT.

The difference of LMT from UTC is found with reference to the longitude (147°31’E):
147°31’ : 15°/h = 9 h 50 min

The above longitude is an eastern longitude. This means that Hobart is 9 h 50 min ahead of UTC (UTC is 9h 50 min earlier than LT):

  • 1819 – 9 h 50 min = 0829 UTC

The standard time zone of Hobart is given to be UTC + 10 h. ST of Evening Civil Twilight:

  • 0829 + 10 h = 1829 ST

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