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Total fuel consumption is obtained by:
  • A
    Subtracting the current fuel flow from the initial fuel quantity.
  • B
    subtracting the initial fuel quantity from the remaining fuel.
  • C
    integrating the fuel flow with respect to time.
  • D
    differentiating the fuel flow with respect to time.
Fuel flowmeters measure the amount of fuel being delivered to the engine. They can be either volumetric where the output to the pilots is a volume per unit of time, or gravimetric where the output is a mass over a unit of time. By integrating the fuel flow with respect to time we obtain a volume or a mass. The result of this integration will be compared with the fuel quantity measuring system to provide other indications such as the total fuel consumption (fuel used) and the remaining fuel on board (FOB). Fuel flowmeters that display both the fuel flow and the fuel used are called Integrated Flowmeter.

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