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Refer to figure.
Cross check the filled load sheet and look for any mistakes.
  • A
    The total moment should be 35042 kg x m.
  • B
    There are no mistakes in the load sheet.
  • C
    The correct total mass is 7785 kg.
  • D
    The roundings have been made in the wrong direction.

Refer to figure.
The Moment is the turning force created by the mass acting over a distance or lever arm and is given by the formula: Moment = Mass x Arm.

The CG position can be found by adding all the moments and then dividing the total moment by the total mass: CG = Total Moment / Total Mass.

For this question, assuming that all masses and CG locations (arms) are given, the corresponding moments must be checked one by one by multiplying each mass with its own CG location.

After cross checking each moment, we find out that the fuel moment should be 8247 kgm, instead of 8241 kgm, 6 kgm more.
Therefore, the total moment should be also 6 kgm more, 35042 kgm.

NOTE: Do not attempt to multiply the total mass with the CG (7730 kg x 4.53 m) to get the correct total moment, because both CG and moments are rounded and you will not get the desired result.

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