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Refer to figure.
You can expect (1) _____ turbulence, and (2) _____ icing.
  • A
    (1) moderate to severe; (2) moderate to severe
  • B
    (1) light to moderate; (2) moderate to severe
  • C
    (1) light to moderate; (2) light to moderate
  • D
    (1) moderate to severe; (2) light to moderate

Towering cumulus signifies a relatively deep layer of unstable air. TCU indicates the presence of ‘thermals’, and may grow into Cb if conditions are right. Towering Cumulus(TCU) clouds can lead to the development of thunderstorms, squalls and in extreme cases funnel clouds (water spouts or tornadoes). Individually and collectively they pose a major hazard to aviation operations on the ground and in the air due to the likelihood of:

  • severe turbulence,
  • severe icing

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