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Where, as a general rule, is the core of the polar front jet stream to be found?
  • A
    Just below the cold-air tropopause.
  • B
    In the polar air mass.
  • C
    In the tropical air mass.
  • D
    Just above the warm-air tropopause.

Refer to figures.

POLAR FRONT JET STREAM forms when a relatively warm air mass and a relatively cold air mass come together (tropical air mass and Polar air mass).
Note that the cores of the jet streams are situated in the WARM air side – which, in the case of the polar jet, is in the tropical air mass (refer to the figures).
Jet Core is located above the level of cold air tropopause and below the warm air tropopause.

  • The location of the jet stream in relation to the position of the surface fronts:
- 50 to 200 NM behind a cold front, 300 to 500 NM ahead a warm front.

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