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In accordance with OPS regulations, on aeroplanes intended to be operated at pressure altitude above 25000 ft, the total number of oxygen dispensing units shall exceed the number of:
  • A
    passengers by 2%.
  • B
    passengers by 10%.
  • C
    seats by 10%.
  • D
    seats by 2%.

CS 25
CS 25.1447 Equipment standards for oxygen dispensing units If oxygen-dispensing units are installed, the following apply:

(c) If certification for operation above 7620 m (25 000 ft) is requested, there must be oxygen dispensing equipment meeting the following requirements (See AMC 25.1447(c)):

(1) There must be an oxygen-dispensing unit connected to oxygen supply terminals immediately available to each occupant, wherever seated. If certification for operation above 9144 m (30 000 ft) is requested, the dispensing units providing the required oxygen flow must be automatically presented to the occupants before the cabin pressure altitude exceeds 4572 m (15 000 ft) and the crew must be provided with a manual means to make the dispensing units immediately available in the event of failure of the automatic system. The total number of dispensing units and outlets must exceed the number of seats by at least 10%. The extra units must be as uniformly distributed throughout the cabin as practicable. (See AMC 25.1447(c)(1).)

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