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Management systems shall be utilised by an operator which will:
  • A
    Govern all standardised procedures in the organisation irrespective of the complexity of the company’s operations.
  • B
    Ensure personnel are trained and competent in their tasks.
  • C
    Include the direct safety accountability of the chief pilot.
  • D
    Ensure that all financial transactions are accountable.

ORO.GEN.200 Management system

(a) The operator shall establish, implement and maintain a management system that includes:

(1) clearly defined lines of responsibility and accountability throughout the operator, including a direct safety accountability of the accountable manager;
(2) a description of the overall philosophies and principles of the operator with regard to safety, referred to as the safety policy;
(3) the identification of aviation safety hazards entailed by the activities of the operator, their evaluation and the management of associated risks, including taking actions to mitigate the risk and verify their effectiveness;
(4) maintaining personnel trained and competent to perform their tasks;
(5) documentation of all management system key processes, including a process for making personnel aware of their responsibilities and the procedure for amending this documentation;
(6) a function to monitor compliance of the operator with the relevant requirements. Compliance monitoring shall include a feedback system of findings to the accountable manager to ensure effective implementation of corrective actions as necessary; and
(7) any additional requirements that are prescribed in the relevant Subparts of this Annex or other applicable Annexes.

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