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An aeroplane is planned to perform a short flight where the maximum planned altitude is FL260. During flight preparations, the crew realises that the aeroplane is NOT RVSM compliant due to a technical malfunction that has been deferred to the MEL.

What, if any, altitude restrictions apply for the flight?

  • A

    A lower altitude must be planned, below FL200, because the aeroplane CANNOT fly at FL260 until the technical malfunction is repaired.

  • B
    The planned minimum flight altitude must be increased to ensure adequate obstacle clearance.
  • C
    The aeroplane is NOT airworthy and the flight CANNOT be completed.
  • D
    None, as the flight is planned to operate below RVSM airspace.

RVSM, or reduced vertical separation minima, means an approval to operate in airspace where 1 000 ft vertical separation is established between FL290 and FL410. For RVSM airspace, additional requirements on equipment apply in order to ensure sufficient vertical accuracy.

  • In this case, the flight is planned to operate below RVSM airspace (FL260), therefore no altitude restrictions apply.

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