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A Hospital is located close to the airport on the extended centerline. What should the pilot do to avoid noise?
  • A
    Take-off using V2 + 10 kt until 3 000 ft and then accelerate and retract slats and flaps.
  • B
    At no more than an altitude equivalent to 800 ft above aerodrome elevation, accelerate and retract flaps/slats on schedule.
  • C
    Climb to 3 000 ft on V2+10 then accelerate to 250 kt below FL100.
  • D
    Climb 800 ft reduce thrust retract flaps at 1 500 ft.

Refer to figure.
The first procedure (NADP 1) is intended to provide noise reduction for noise-sensitive areas in close proximity to the departure end of the runway. The second procedure (NADP 2) provides noise reduction to areas more distant from the runway end.

NADP 1 prioritises noise abatement for areas close to the airport, by keeping the take-off flap/slat setting the same until 3000ft, but doing a thrust reduction at or above 800ft (can be slightly above depending on operator/terrain). The aircraft only accelerates to remove flaps when 3000ft has been reached, as the act of accelerating the aircraft reduces the climb gradient, which makes the aircraft closer to the ground in a potentially noise sensitive zone.

  • The initial climbing speed to the noise abatement initiation point shall not be less than V2 + 20 km/h (10 kt).
  • On reaching an altitude at or above 240 m (800 ft) above aerodrome elevation, adjust and maintain power/thrust in accordance with the noise abatement power/thrust schedule provided in the aircraft operating manual. Maintain a climb speed of V2 + 20 to 40 km/h (10 to 20 kt) with flaps and slats in the take-off configuration.
  • At no more than an altitude equivalent to 900 m (3 000 ft) above aerodrome elevation, while maintaining a positive rate of climb, accelerate and retract flaps/slats on schedule.

Further information on Noise Abatement Procedures can be found in the attached figures.


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