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Which frequency band do DMEs operate within?
  • A
    High Frequency (HF): 3 MHz to 30 MHz
  • B
    Ultra High Frequency (UHF): 30 MHz to 300 MHz
  • C
    Ultra High Frequency (UHF): 300 MHz to 3000 MHz
  • D
    Very High Frequency (VHF): 30 MHz to 300 MHz
Refer to figure.
Learning Objective State that DME operates in the UHF band.

Each frequency band is effectively a logarithmic band which begins at one frequency value, and ends at the frequency value 10x higher. They all begin with the number 3, and are of different orders of magnitude.

DMEs operate within UHF (Ultra High Frequency), which is the band above the well known VHF frequency band. Therefore, a good way of remembering the frequency bands is having VHF as a starter band, and we can say that a well known VHF frequency of 121.5 MHz is between 30 and 300 MHz, so therefore we can create the bands above and below that, and so on.

There is an acronym to remember the order, using the first letters, "Very Lovely Maidens Have Very Useful Sewing Equipment".

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